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Live Help

maui web blogging Functionality of the Product:

Simply - Live Help allows you to interact with your web site visitors and helps improve your sales and customer service.  That's why we have it on our website and why we encourage you to add it to your website.

We offer you the website skills to add Live Help to your web pages.  We will install a copy of Live Help, licensed to you, on your web server and install it on your web pages.


The best way to learn about the functionality is to try it!  Call us at 808-242-6661 and we'll schedule a free live demonstration of "Live Help". 

Alternately, click on the image above if it is displaying "Live Help - Online" and we will chat with you online.  Or click on the image above if it is displaying "Live Help - Offline" and you will get the opportunity to email us.  

While we hope you you will schedule a walk through of Live Help, please do not hesitate to contact us and learn more about how it works and how it can be of benefit to you.

Note: Live Help is a product of Stardevelop Pty. Ltd.

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