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hawaii webmailTraveling and need to access your e-mail account?  Need to access your e-mail when you are on vacation and do not have your computer with MS Outlook?  On the road and want to send e-mail? If you answered, Yes, to any of these situations, Webmail may be for you. Webmail is a web application that allow users to access their e-mail through a web browser, as an alternative to using an e-mail client such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird or Eudora.

Webmail is a fully featured, web based E-mail solution, completely removing the need for users to install and configure any traditional E-mail client software at all on their computer. This can provide an E-mail solution that better meets the needs of users, and reduces administration costs

Providing Web access to E-mail gives all of you or your organization, access to E-mail from anywhere on the net. All they need is a web browser.

Advantages of webmail services

  • E-mail is stored remotely on a server, which means that it is accessible anywhere there is an Internet connection and a web browser.
  • Centralized maintenance of the (Webmail) e-mail client; upgrades and security fixes are done by the administrator. No need to install, update and patch local e-mail clients.

Disadvantages of webmail services

  • The user must stay online to read and write more than one e-mail.
  • The user cannot keep the messages on their local hard drive.

Contact us and we can set up a Hawaii Webmail account for you and your business.  We can have you online sending and receiving Webmail pronto.  Be your-name@your-domain-name.com today!

Access your webmail using a web browser, such as, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc. to access your email account.

Hawaii webmail offers three webmail applications to read, write and store your e-mail.

  • Horde
  • Squirrel Mail
  • Round Cube.
Horde SquirrelMail Round Cub Webmail

Hawaii Webmail

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