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Maui Guest Book

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Functionality of the Product

· A Guest Book presents an expanding thread of comments from site visitors for all to read. Our Guest Book is like its real life counterpart.  Some shops and vacation spots have bound books that visitors can read through and add comments to about their visit and experience.  Ours is an electronic book built into one of the pages of your site so that a customer can read past comments, and add new ones.

· A Guest Book is a database, with a small CSI (client side interface). This permits a client to edit the messages for spelling, as you can dispose of inappropriate postings.  The CSI functions include edit, modify and delete postings.

· The page the postings appear on is included in the cost of the product.

Product Options
· Non-Moderated: With a non-moderated guest book, visitors’ postings are added immediately to the viewable posting area.  However, the CSI allows the client to remove postings that are defamatory, or otherwise inappropriate for the site.

· Moderated: With a moderated Guest Book, all postings to the page are screened through the CSI before they are posted to the site.  This prevents offensive materials from being added automatically to the page.  There is no extra cost for moderated or non-moderated guest books.  However, you must know from the onset, which you would prefer.

· Search Guest Book: Toggle On/Off  Enable the Guest book to be searched.

· Visitor Comments: Toggle On/Off  Allow visitors to comment on a specific entry.

· Deactivate Guest Book: Toggle On/Off  Allow Guest Book to be deactivated.

· Look & Feel: Skins replaceable.

Maui Guest Book

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