Online File Manager

Need to give your clients the ability to upload and/or download files?  This is the solution. No ftp or special knowledge of uploading files. Just give your client a user name and password. They login to your file management software and upload or retrieve files. Simple! Secure!


Online File Manager Basic Advanced
Multiple file upload capabilities.  

Upload and Download your files in ASCII or Binary format
Create and extract tar files
Requires perl modules:
Archive::Tar and Compress::Zlib

Instantly preview your files:                                                        

Advanced Search function                                            
Search by either:

Exact phrase
All the words
Any words
Perfect field match
Case Sensitive
File format

Sort File Name / Extension /Size or Date
in ascending or descending columns

Add a description to any file or directory.

Create new directories.

View and edit plain text files.

Copy single files or directories.

Rename single files or directories.

Move single files or directories

Delete single files or directories.
Administration Mode:    

Add or remove multiple users.

Create individual user directories with
unique password protected (encrypted)
login details.

Setup and control user specific
Disk Quota's.

Specify system file formats
(e.g. .htaccess .gacl and .ion) to be
hidden from view.

Block specific file formats from being
uploaded and executed (e.g. .exe files)

Document Management - online file management

The online file manager is a web based file management system with user permissions and quota limits, it has an easy user interface and online administration which will allow you to manage users/permissions without the need of server configuration knowledge.

Online file manager turns your standard browser into a "Windows XP Explorer" like file manager.

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